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   Technical innovation
 --Pneumatic air balancer supplied by our company has high quality and scientific technology, fills in the blanks of domestic market and has been approved by many international companies.
 Elastic float
 --The loads with different weight, to be positioned by pendent handle of pneumatic air balancer, can be hanging there  steadily, and then be lift, descended using very few efforts to reach the accurate position.
 Simple operation
 --Pendent handle of the pneumatic air balancer is simple and easy to operate.
 Lower consumption
 --Pneumatic air balancer can help to reduce energy costs, and the air consumption is equivalent to the fiftieth of air hoist. 

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Cleaning-up and pro-environment
 --Inner lubrication system removes the air pollution.
 High efficiency
 --Pneumatic air balancer is easy to operate and only need very little maintenances for its elements, 100% Duty Cycle for Continuous Operations
 Overloading protection
 --The load can be well protected if its weight surpasses the limit thanks to the air hoist's great brake motor system and its great construction.
 Protection against cutting off the air
 --The weight will stop falling when cutting off the air, and then you will be able to descend the weight by hand, so pneumatic air balancer is safer than traditional hoist at this point.

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Durable in use
 --Pneumatic air balancer has longer working time compared with other hoist because of its good quality, unique design and perfect construction. 

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