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Air balancers provide ergonomic lift assist that interacts with the operator, making heavy objects easy to move. Precise, stain-free positioning leaves both of the operators’ hands free to raise, lower, or shift loads with virtually no resistance. This freedom of operation and easy control makes tasks like lifting and moving heavy loads in manufacturing, warehousing and other operations safer, easier and faster.
 Our air balancer is the practical application of the principle of pneumatic control technology. Pneumatic drive balanced steady work, when the load changes, the speed is stability. It is used in the occasion which requires smooth transportation. Such as: aircraft, aerospace, automotive, precision machinery and equipment, fragile and explosive production, processing, lifting and other occasions. 

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 1 Elastic float
 2 Simple operation
 3 Lower consumption
 4 Cleaning-up and pro-environment
 5 High efficiency
 6 Overload protection
 7 Protection against cutting off the air
 8 Durable in use 

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Detailed description
 1. Rope wheel
 Reliable, durable, maintenance-free
 2. Bearing
 Thrust ball bearing is double dust-proof.
 3. Piston and cylinder
 The piston and cylinder wall lubrication grease imported from  Germany, when the compressed air into the cylinder to push the piston reciprocates become more compact, lubrication

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4. Valve
 Precision motion control piston floating out of gas so as to achieve and balance function
 5. Control pendant
 Push-button control can accurately and efficiently control lifting and lowering speed
 6. Air cut-off Protection
 When the air supply is suddenly cut off, directly controlled by a centrifugal brake power transmission parts will brake automatically lock to prevent any load hanging in the air free fall
 7.Brake mechanism
 Centrifugal brake system effectively controlled substance due to sudden weight loss or load shedding, causing the rope and hook sudden rise and fall
 8. Ball screw
 Piston driven rotation of the ball screw reel spool synchronous rotation, drive to enhance the load on the rope reel.

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