High Quality Factory Price Pneumatic Air zero gravity Balancer Hoist

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 1.long service life;
 2.accurate position;  
 3.little crash and colliding;  
 4.little maintenance

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 1. Durable, reliable and free maintenance pneumatic air zero gravity balancer hoist reel.
 2. Double dustproof ball bearing with thrust.
 3. The piston and cylinder are lubricated by Germany grease so the reciprocating movement is lighter and smoother when compressed air enters the cylinder.
 4. Pneumatic valve: Precision piston motion controls in and out air, achieves floating and balance functions.
 5. The button control handle accurately and effectively controls speed and rhythm of lifting and dropping.
 6. Gas protection: the brake will be automatically locked and directly controlled by centrifugal brake when the gas source is suddenly cut off to prevent loads from falling off.
 7. Brake mechanism: a centrifugal brake system effectively  controls suddenly rise or drop of wire rope and hook which caused by suddenly weight loss or falling.
 8. Ball screw: the piston pushes roller in the drum to rotate  the roller synchronously so drives wire rope to lifting loads.
 9. Working principle: the pressure energy of compressed air will be converted into rotary mechanical energy by movement of cylinder piston and the output torque drives the lifting mechanism to run. It has a balanced control valve and a control switch to lifting and balancing objects.
 10. Our professional engineering and technical personnel can make the best handling solution for you according to your specific usage and installation requirements.

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 ♦ Rope roll
   Reliable, durable, little maintenance
 ♦ Axial bearing
 Double dustproof ball bearing is applied.
 ♦ Cylinder and piston
 Imported lubricating grease is applied to improve the movement of piston
 ♦ Air regulator
 To realize the balance of the load through regulating the inlet and outlet air.
 ♦ Control handle
 To control the lifting and lowering
 ♦ Protection against cutting off the air
 When the air supply is shut off, the centrifugal brake will block  the motivation transmission and lock the brake, then the load will be stopped falling.
 ♦ Brake device
 The centrifugal brake can avoid the rope and hook moving upward or downward suddenly and swiftly after sudden release of the load.
 ♦ Ball bearing screw
 The piston pushed the ball bearing screw as well as rope roll rotate in the form of linear movement, to lift the load

 Air Balancer, Pneumatic Balancer
 Suitable for occasions requiring stable transportation, like production, processing and lifting of aircraft, aerospace, automobiles, precision machinery, fragile and explosive products, etc.

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