Inquiry about normal manual chain hoist with aluminum cast body, similar to KITO CF series from UAE

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Dear Mr. Yang,


Thanks for your email dtd.10.06.2012 and noted the information.


Please let us know the warranty and guarantee for this item and under which brand subject items are sold.


We also wish to know that do you manufacture and supply normal chain hoist with aluminum cast body, similar to KITO CF series.  Please advise by return.


Best Regards,




Sales Manager

CF series (KITO).pdf


Dear Vc thomas

Thnaks for the reply.

Warranty: 1 year.

Brand: “RAMHOIST” , however no brand or your brand is welcome if authorized.

Our body for electric chain hoist is aluminum, but for normal chain hoist (manual ) is alloy shell.

Pls advice if you are interested then I work accordingly.

Best regards




Dear Vc thomas

Attached brochure of our chain hoist, it is japanese VITAL technology.

Best regards




Your email dated 15.06.2012.

We have no requirement presently and shall contact you for any future requirement.


Best regards,


V.C. Thomas

Sales Manager



Dear Vc Thomas

Attached our aluminum cast body lever hoist.

Pls contact me if you’re interested.

Thanks and best regards


Aluminum lever hoist (1).jpg

Aluminum lever hoist (2).jpg