Top Quality 1t 2t 3t 5t Wholesale Construction Lifting Hoist Chain Block, Manual Chain Hoist

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Product Description
 Chain Block is suitable for small  equipment and goods of short distance lifting, lifting weight is generally not  more than 50T. The material of the hand gourd is high quality alloy steel,  strong wear resistance, high safety performance.
 The VB series chain block is a portable  lifting device easily operated by hand chain, it is applicable for use in  factory, mines, farms, construction sites, wharves, docks and warehouses for  installation of equipment, as well as for loading and unloading goods. It is  have special advantage for lifting work in open air grounds and places where no  electric power supply is available.
 The chain block can be attached to a  trolley of any type as traveling chain block. It is suitable to monorail  overhead conveying system, hand traveling crane and jib cranes.

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  • Asbestos-free  brake discs.

  • Drop  forged hook special alloy steel that is exclusively

  • More  thickness of shat cover, gear cover and side plates for good quality.

  • The  static test is 4 times of capacity, and running test is 1.5 times of capacity  one by one.

  • Supper  small size, light weight and easy to take

  • Material  in low alloy steel plate, safe and durable

  • With  G80 high strength lifting chain

  • Steady  rotation, light hand pulling force

  • Double  pawl

  • The  overhead device is available

  • Double  pawls supporting fail-safe break mechanism for secure operations.

  • Wet  friction discs with longer life.

  • Unique  chain guide.

  • Heat  treated steel side plates, gears and shafts for enhanced strength.

  • Quenched  and Tempered High Tensile Alloy Steel Chain and hooks.

  • Forged  upper and bottom hooks with forged steel safety latches.

  • Powder  coated finish.


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 High strength forging hook

Chain Blocks3-5.jpg

 Adopt G80 high strength lifting chain

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 Can be matched with forging hook rack

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 The thickened outer housing is  designed, and the convex shell technology is applied to the outer casing to  resist impact, effectively protecting the internal structure.

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 The use of sealed bearings greatly  improves the performance and service in life of the products.

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 The use of integral tail ring frame  makes installation, disassemble and safety performance greatly improved.


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