Different Capacities of Manual Floor Cranes made in china

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Manual Hydraulic Floor Crane is manually operated and immensely demanded for lifting and shifting purpose of heavier materials, They are designed for lifting and picking up and if required moving loads to where they are they are needed.

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Developed by the best engineers our world class Manual Hydraulic Floor Cranes are designed to suit your most robust construction needs, lifting heavy loads. Excellent load bearing capacity and strength, long lasting parts, low on maintenance and high on accuracy and durability are some of the many features of our Manual Floor Crane.

These manual floor cranes are available in different load bearing capacity and lift height up to 2.5 meter. Developed at par with the global quality standards, the range is widely used for shifting heavy loads from one place to the other.

This manually operated Hydraulic Floor Crane is suitable for loading and unloading several goods at different sites. The Hydraulic Manual Floor Crane, provided by us, has precise make and compact design. It is one of a kind compact equipment to handle crane application smaller loads indoor.

Offered manually operated Hydraulic floor cranes are manufactured using first-class material and modern-day equipment. Furthermore, our product is available in various models and technical specifications to meet the client requirements.

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Hydraulic Manual Floor Crane that we manufacture and supply is immensely accredited for attributes like sturdy construction, excellent functionality, easy operation and longer service life.

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It is also called portable floor crane which is designed for hoisting and transporting materials quickly and safely in different factory and warehouse environments. Units consist of a durable support structure made of welded steel, which ensures a long service life. Portable floor cranes are popular, because of the distinct benefits that they offer over traditional stationary cranes.

Floor crane is a lifting and shifting equipment like a crane. It consists of a hook to lift the load from the ground and place it in a desired position. It is generally used to replace dies from a machine / press. As the load is suspended it is easy to adjust the load while fitting on a machine or a press. This 4000-lb. capacity foldable shop crane delivers the lift you need combined with the advantage of compact storage! The crane includes ram, chain and hook and is rated up to 2 tons. The foldable shop crane is easy to use and easy to store.

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Mobile Floor Cranes can be divided into manual or fully-powered. while what we introduce here is manual floor cranes.

We carry an assortment of Manual Floor cranes which can also be customised as per specific needs of the customer. All of them are manufactured with high quality material obtained from the best vendors in the industry to present you the quality you can trust upon, The clients can also avail the Crane from us at the most reasonable price.

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We are offering the best quality range of hydraulic Floor Cranes which can be used in various industries for handling of material. These manual hydraulic floor cranes are available in different load bearing capacity and lift height up to 2.5 meter. Ruggedly-constructed; will give dependable, long-lasting use Standard.

Our range of products include 0.5 ton manual mobile floor crane, counter balance floor crane, hydraulic floor crane, manual floor crane, semi electric floor cranes and mobile floor cranes.