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 The difference between new style motor and old motor

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 The enlarged coiling block can reduce rope extrusion pressure, shrink reel winding diameter, and make the motor more durable and effort-saving.

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The enclosed housing gearbox can help to reduce functional loss and noise.


More detailed descriptions about the motor of Mini construction cranes
Pure copper motor
With strong power, it has good heat dissipation effect, and is easy to improve work efficiency. 

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Clutch pressure plate
It can separate the drum from the motor, and lower down quickly. Besides, the speed can be controlled freely.

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 Increasing the heat sink, so the heat dissipation effect is good. Low energy consumption and low noise can make fan work more efficient. 

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Wire rope
Anti-rotating wire rope has good softness, toughness and high safety factor.

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Other important parts of the motor

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Different types used for different situations
Indoor clutch elevator

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 Outdoor clutch elevator

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Disc clutch elevator

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