Specifications of Gantry Crane 100T-S45m, H35m

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1.1  Standard

Standard manufacturing crane

Standard for weld connectionAWS D.1.1

Standards for coating and surface protection ISO 8501; SSPC-SP10

1.2.   Specifications
Gantry Crane: 100/50 tons, span (2-rail distance) 45m, travel length 135m, 35m lifting height.
1TypeGantry crane with double beam

3Quality 01  pc
4Working modeFEM 1Am
5Lifting load

Main hook load100 tons

Auxiliary hook load50 tons
6Span (distance rail)35m
7Hook lifting height35m
8Travel length 135m
9Manufacture year2020
10Working environment

Environment temperature0-45⁰C


Wind speed when the crane is working0-20 m/s

Wind speed when the crane doesn’t work63 m/s

Main hook lifting speed1.8/0.2 m/min

Auxiliary hook lifting speed3.7/0.37 m/min

Car ride speed10/0.1 m/min

Moving speed of gantry crane 20/2 m/min
12Trolley100/50 tons

-   Main hook load100 tons

-   Auxiliary hook load50 tons

Moving motor3kW x 02 pcs / Sumitono

Idler wheelS45C / Heat treatment 38-42HCR
12.1Hoist 100 tons

Lifting motor37kW/01 pc/ SIEMENS

Gear box01 pc/ SUMITOMO

Brake lift and lower02 pcs / ZPMC / Hydraulic brake

Steel cable26mm / Korea / Thailand
12.2Hoist 50 tons

Lifting motor37kW/01 pc / SIEMENS

Gear box01 pc / SUMITOMO

Brake lift and lower02 pcs / ZPMC / Hydraulic brake

Steel cable26mm / Korea / Thailand
12.3Electric cabinets

The inverter controls the main hook 45kW / Misubishi/ 01 pc

The inverter controls the auxiliary hook45kW / Misubishi/ 01 pc

The inverter controls the trolley7.5kW / Misubishi/ 01 pc

The inverter controls the gantry crane90kW / Misubishi/ 01 pc

Controller PLCMisubishi

The computer system linked to the control system, working status control and central error reporting help the crane supplier to consult for remote maintenance for the investor and help the equipment manager understand the situation of equipment is operating
13Safe device

Overload limit

Overload protection 

Indicator light

Limiting the itinerary of trolley

Alarm when the gantry crane operates vertically

Wind warning

Hydraulic rail clamps 02 pcs

Hurricane latch
14Steel structure

Beam structure Box girder-Welded


Main beam stiffness1/1000

Hurricane latchMechanics

Handrail, stepsSS400/Q235B

Cabin - sitting controller Includes control lever, air conditioner, sitting

Test welding line

+   Welded metal joints: UT 100%According to AWS D1.1-2015 standard

+   original weld: 20% MT

+   Welding seam tester and certification: PHATECP / VIMISCO
15Moving gantry crane

Wheel diameter D500mm

MaterialS45C / Heat treatment 38-42HRC

Wheels32  wheels

Mobile power moving the crane11kW x  08 pcs

Brake Electromagnetic disc brake

16Braking system

Brake lift and lowerHydraulic drum brake / 02 pieces / ZPMC

Brake of trolleyElectromagnetic disc brake / 02 pieces / Sumitomo

Brake of crane movingElectromagnetic disc brake / 08 pieces / Sumitomo
17Power supply 380VAC, 3 Phase, 50Hz

Supply power control48V
18Control methodBy cabin
19Power supply system for vehicles running along the main beamCable roller type worm in I-shaped chute, supply length 45m
20Power supply system for the crane works along the roadCable collection, cable laying by drum with motor, mid-point power supply, the length of the road is 135m

Cable drum typeDouble tang, using motor 

Mid-point power supply
21Electrical control cabinets and other accessoriesCompleted installation of CB, contactor, relay, ... equipment of Schneider, Mitsubishi   Vietnam, 01 set
22Clean and paint

+ The entire steel structure is cleaned on the ball injection system line

+   Surface cleaning: Sa 2.5 according to ISO8501 standard

+   Painting process: by Epoxy paint, the total thickness of paint is 200 micro according to SSPC-SP10 standard
27The rail system worksProvided by the investor

Rail typeQU100, Bolted, clamped

Length of operation210  m x 2 sides

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Lifting capacity (Ton)100/50
Lifting height (M)Main hook35
Auxiliary hook35
Span (M)45
Lifting speed (M/min)Main hook1.8/0.2
Auxiliary hook3.7/0.37
Traveling speed (M/min)10/0.1

Working modeFEM 1Am
Power soureThree phase AC 380V 50Hz
Control voltage48V/110/220
Total capacity~ 131 KW
Painting colorYellow