Jib crane installation manual-gorbel style

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Installation, Operation Manual

Jib crane installation manual3.png

     Normal safety precautious:

FChecking for obstruction in crane rotation

FChecking that all bolts are tight and have lockwashers

FMaking sure that the endstop is in place

FMaking sure that festooning can not be snagged and pinched

     Step-1 Pre-assembly:

1. Read the manual before starting installation

2. Tools and materials typically needed to assembly crane            

    F Torque Wrench        

 FLadders/man lifts

 FHand tools

 FHeavy duty drill

 FAllen wrench

 FLeveling tools

 FLifting device to lift  heavy masts and booms

 FMounting tools(M18*180mm-Grade 5)

Jib crane installation manual4.png

     Installing Anchor bolts

A:  For foundationless jibs( 6 bolts)
For jib cranes that can be mounted on a 6’’ foundation that is free of cracks, seams, explosion joints
Anchor bolts diameter must be 20mm
Jib crane installation manual1.pngNote: A minimum 8’’ thick reinforced concrete floor is required
Jib crane installation manual1.pngHave  minimum of two threads above nuts after installation
Jib crane installation manual1.pngNote: Jib crane foundation requirements are based on soil pressure of 0.12mpa, concrete pressure recommended for jib crane foundation is 23mpa of compressive force
Jib crane installation manual1.pngFoundationless jib cranes should be mounted on shallow foundations, centered on a square foot area that is free from cracks, seams or walls mounted with chemical anchor bolts to withstand a minimum 1700kg pulling out force
Jib crane installation manual1.pngChemical anchor bolts are strongly recommended
B: Drill holes in concrete floor by using the pre-drilled holes in base plate as guide (the drill  bit size is recommended by 22mm)
C: Install anchor bolts (Grade 5 or better) and hardware according to manufacturer’s direction or requirements

    Installing and plumbing mast

 A: Cover entire base plate area with 25mm of non-shrink precision grout.
 B: Set mast into place and make sure that base plate is completely seated in the grout
 C: Drop plumb line from top of mast, using fixture or equivalent 

Jib crane installation manual6.png

D: At the point “A”, 25mm below top mast plate, set plumb line a distance of 75mm from surface of mast pipe

Jib crane installation manual7.png

E: at the point “B”, 100mm below point “A” (approximately where rollers will contact mast pipe), distance between plumb line and face of mast should be also 75mm
F: Repeat steps D and E at every 60 degree around the mast.

       be sure to fasten plumb line securely to plumb fixture so that it won't move

G: once mast is plumb and grout has cured, fully fasten all anchor bolts by hardware
H: verify mast is still plumb

       Boom installation

1. Install cam followers/trunnion rollers at bottom of boom assembly, tighten nylock nuts to 68N.m and hexnuts until lockwahser are flat.

Warning: if nylock nut is removed it must be replaced

2. Place and orient pivot bearing on mast pivot pin

Jib crane installation manual10.png

3. Place boom assembly over pivot pin on mast, insert retaining pin through pivot pin and roll O-rings onto retaining pin

Jib crane installation manual11.png

4. Level boom by shimming between  trunnion mounting assembly and trunnion support angle or by evenly adjusting eccentric cam followers with an Allen wrench, be sure boom is leveled to 1/640 of span above level

Jib crane installation manual12.png

5. Check to make sure that both rollers have full face contact with mast pipe.
Carefully swing boom through entire travel to ensure boom is clear of obstructions and does not drift.
If boom s drifts, check to make sure that cam flowers/ trunnion rollers are evenly adjusted and/or mast is plumb.