0.75kw End Truck and End Carriage Reduction Crane Geared Motor

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Main characteristic
 1)High speed ratio and efficiency
 Single stage transmission can reach to 1:87 of speed-down ratio and the efficiency is more than 90%. If use multi-speed drive the speed-down ratio is bigger.
 Being adapted epicyclic transmission principle, the input and output shaft are at same axis center, it is compact.
 3)Smooth and stable run and low noise
 The cycloidal pinwheel has more meshed teeth, the overlapping coefficient is big and the machine part is stable, the vibration and noise is limited at the minimum content.
 4)Reliable in operation and long life
 Because the main parts are made of bearing steel through quenching treatment(HRC58-62), it got high strength. Meanwhile the transmission contact of part adapts rolling friction, so it is durable and long life.
 (1)Before--Sale Service
 01.Quality Control: Strictly Production Request base on signed contract;
 02.Delivery Time: Guarantee within contracted delivery time;
 03.Photos: Send photos to our customer after finish production and packing;
 04.Packing Details:Give complete packing size table to our customer;
 05.Brand: Respect our customers' advice to use our customers' own brand & logo;
 06.Documents:Provide high efficiency service to post you all required customs clearance documents by DHL or TNT.  
 (2)After--Sale Service
 01.Reply: Fast reply all your questions on line or by email or by telephone;
 02.Quality Problems:Our factory is responsible for any problems if it is resulted by our reasons (Such as give you free new parts to repair it or give enough some compensation cost to you);
 03.Safe Operating: Pls remind your customers to respect our Operating Manual to operate our machine rightly, to guarantee Safe when operate our machine;

 Our crane geared motor with plastic bag putted in the wooden box.

 Different types of our crane geared  motor

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 Produce line

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