High Quality F Gearbox Helical Geared Reducer with Motor, Motor Reducer

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Because of reasonable in design, convenient in maintenance, easy to disassemble and assemble, the minimum amount of part and simple lubrication, our crane geared motor is trusted by customers deeply. 

Instructions for our crane geared motor: 
 Motor Reduction Gear
 The Gear is made of Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel with hear treatment, it possess high abrasion and strike resistance. The safety factor is up to 5 times or more, and has long service life.

Crane Geared Motor Buffer
 This crane motor has soft starting and fly wheel buffer to produce high inertia movement. Both starting and braking are stable and smooth, which makes goods not shaking.

 The Crane motor has high performance, high torque, motor ensures quick heat dissipation and resistance to high voltage ranks more than 1500V.

Electromagnetic  Brake
 This Crane Motor has direct current braking force. Bolt controls braking force directly, and has braking pad with high wear resistance to make it with high safety, long service life and excellent. It can be brake at the same time of the power cut, ensure the safety of the brake when  lifting weight.

Durable shell
 Aluminum alloy shell, solid and light, with special heat sink, fast heat dissipation, can be used continuously, efficiency up to 40%. Integral sealing structure, can be used in chemical plants, electroplating factories and other places.

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 Ramhoist-100 Crane Geared Motor
 1.  0.75Kw geared crane motor
 This 0.75Kw AC crane motor is a 4 poles motor, rotation speed is 189R/Min, suitable for 10ton below crane.
 2. 0.6Kw Crane motor
 This 0.6Kw end carriage crane geared motor is a 6 poles motor, compare to 4 poles motor, it has more high torque, more suitable for heavy duty crane.
 3. 0.4/0.13Kw geared crane motor
 This 0.4/0.13Kw AC geared crane motor is a double speed motor, and the pole number is 4 and 12, it suitable for dual speed crane .
 Those three types of AC geared crane motor suitable for a variety of working conditions, including factories, workshops, outdoor, warehouses, etc.

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