Single Girder Double Girde Overhead Lifting Travelling Crane Machine Kit

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 Another type of our crane kits
 kbk light rail overhead bridge crane system is a general term for flexible beam crane. KBK is composed of suspension device, track, turnout, trolley, electric hoist, mobile power supply device and control device. It can directly transport materials in the air by hanging on the roof or beam frame of the plant. KBK flexible composite suspension crane is characterized by that the main body of steel structure is composed of type rails, and different combinations can form a variety of use forms.
 kbk light rail overhead bridge crane system are widely used in port, electric power, steel, shipbuilding, mining, highway, construction, metallurgical and chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, industrial control, bulk transportation, pipeline accessories, Marine engineering, airport construction, Bridges, stadiums and other important industries and infrastructure projects.
 kbk light rail overhead bridge crane system is strictly prohibited to lift molten metal and toxic, inflammable and explosive articles. Inflammable, explosive and corrosive gases are not allowed in the working environment.
 Loading capacity: 50kg-3.2t 
 Span: 0.7m-12m
 Working grade: A1-A6

Electric hoist equipped with this crane

 1. High reliability and stability
 KBK light crane system is composed of standard modular parts, which can guarantee mass and high quality production. It can be customized according to customers' individual requirements.
 2. Strong adaptability
 KBK light crane system can flexibly design and install according to the needs of each station in the factory. It can be assembled at will from fixed point to high accuracy multi-point and  multi-beat automated transportation lines.
 3. Convenient installation and economic efficiency
 KBK light crane system is easy to install and debug. KBK profiles and standard module parts can be used only by bolt  connection, which can save the factory floor space and improve enterprise benefits.
 4. Light weight, convenient handling and easy manual movement.
 5. Reduced plant cost, low power, low energy consumption and high comprehensive benefits.


The process of installation

What should our customers provide when inquiry?
 The more information you provide, the accurate solution we can prepare for you! 
 A- Capacity?
 B-Span(main girder)?
 C-Power supply?
 D-Lifting height?
 E-Electric chain hoist  or wire rope hoist ?
 F-Equiped with track/rail? how long of it ?
 G-FOB, CFR or CIF price, which one ?


More details of this crane
 High quality motor

 Thick steel

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