Europe Style Single Beam Electric Hoist 5 Ton Overhead Bridge Crane Kit Price for Sale

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 More descriptions of our cranes kits
 Motors: The motors are used specially crane duty suitable for frequent starting, reversing & braking in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004. Motors are totally enclosed in dust proof construction foot / flange mounted TESC / TEFC, Sq. cage motors with integrated safety brakes, insulation class F, IP54 protection for hoisting, CT & LT motions.

Gear Box: The entire gear boxes are made of accurate hob cut helical / spur gears & pinions having hardness 250 to 350 BHN made from carbon alloy steel. All gears & pinions running on anti-friction type ball / roller bearings in totally enclosed oil  bath giving constant splash lubrication. The helical / Spur gear designed for adequate strength and optimum wear resistance for smooth operation & long life.

Optional Features
 Variable speed through VVF Drive
 Soft starter
 Slip ring motors
 Wireless Radio Remote control
 Shrouded DSL system for power feeding
 Cabin Operated
 PLC automatic Control system

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Products use software such as Ansys Solidworks forforce analysis, and optimization design, to make the whole machine more reliable and stable.

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RAMHOIST has a mature production technology, sophisticated processing techniques and complete testing equipment, which ensure the quality and stability of the products.

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