500kg/1000kg/1000lbs Folding Boom Pickup Truck Davit Cranes with Winch

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 The characteristics of the vehicular crane are as below,
 A.The biggest lifting weight is 500kg
 B.The highest size of the lifting arm gets to1950mm
 C.The longest size of the lifting arm gets to1500mm
 D.The lifting arm can be rotated for 360 degrees, the diameter of the steel wire rope is 5.0mm, the length of it is 4.5m-15m
 E.The rotation arm can be folded
 F. Adjustable arm angle against the pillar
 G. Easy assemble and disassemble manually

 Truck mounted crane has fingertip switch raises and lowers hook, folds for storage.
 Truck mounted crane features rotation hand brakes that offer unlimited 360° positioning. 
 Truck mounted crane is designed for vertical lifting only, don't lift personnel or overhead lifting.

Detailed Descriptions

1.Safety indication mark

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2.Adjustable boom
 Telescopic boom conforms to ergonomic principles, safe operation, simple and flexible.

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3.Rocker arm adjusting bolt
 It is equipped with 3 adjusting stops to meet the needs of different heights and increase the range of use.

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4.Adjust lever
 The rotation strength can be adjusted according to the field.

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5.Rotary booster handle

 The rotating power handle can complete 360 degree rotation, making the rotation more convenient and easier.

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6.Double bearing design
 Easier rotation and less effort.

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7.Mainframe mounting seat
 Two screw eyes are electric winch; four long eyes are miniature electric hoists.

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