Outdoor Industrial Heavy Load Large Span U Frame Movable Double Girder Beam Gantry Cranes

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Mobile double girder gantry crane is widely used for lifting and loading, unloading  works in outside warehouse or railway stations. Using in road construction area, material stocks area, cement plant, granite industry, construction industry, engineering industry, railway etc. This type crane is widely applied to the railway goods yard, big tonnage port, open storage, the container transfer station, and etc. to handle with the frequent loading and unloading works.

Product structure
 The wheels of crane crab, main beam and end carriage are produced in our special vacuum casting workshop(No sand inclusion technique ) which makes our wheels more elastic and outer surface hard-wearing and durable.

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Winch travel
 The trolley is assembled with motor, reducer brake, trolley frame, drum hook, pulley, rain cover and other parts. It includes lifting mechanism and cross travelling mechanism. The trolley is strictly designed according to the application and working environment.

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  1. Main beam will have sandblast derusting and painted with zinc rich epoxy primer.

  2. Main beam is cut by plasma numerical control cutting machine.

  3. The butt weld of tension flange shall undergo ultrasonic or x-ray flaw detection as specified.

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  1. Consist of rigid outrigger and flexible outrigger, all connection points are connected by high-tension bolt

  2. The ladder is used by operator to enter into cab or arriving at winch.

  3. When the span>30m, there needs a flexible leg to reduce the lateral thrust of the trolley to the rail when the girder lifts materials.

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