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As a type of crane, double girder gantry overhead crane is similar with overhead crane, except the gantry structure. The support structure of overhead crane is usually fixed in some sites, like a wall or ceiling of a building. While a gantry crane uses the leg with wheel to support. The lifting capacity of gantry overhead travelling cranes is flexible and adjustable, which with a wide range from smallest to heaviest in the world.

Gantry overhead crane can be divided into many types according to distinct group characters. Like a type of light small gantry crane-single girder gantry crane, which is designed to lift or move general materials under 20 tons (some particular 20 tons are available). Compared with single beam gantry crane, a double girder outdoor gantry crane for sale holds higher lifting capacity from 5 tons to 500 tons, and is widely used at outside place.  Besides, we also offer certain gantry cranes to special and hazardous working environment. Such as the indoor use semi gantry crane, truss structure gantry crane, outdoor use semi gantry crane and gantry crane with cantilever.

For different working environments and conditions, gantry cranes are designed and manufactured in different styles as needed. If the crane is used outdoors with heavy wind, truss gantry crane will be recommended because this kind of crane can reduce wind resistance; if the crane is used to lift large-sized goods, the double girder crane with U shape supporting legs or L type single girder crane should be selected to meet work needs; if the materials needs to be lifted and moved from one location to another frequently, it is better to apply portable or adjustable gantry crane; if the work place has limited space, then semi gantry crane can be used as the material handling solution. In a word, when you are going to buy a 10 ton gantry crane, there are various crane styles available and optional.

Famous brand reducers and motors

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Finished support legs

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The details of Double girder gantry cranes

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Unfinished components put in our factory

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The specific details of our cranes

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As a piece of important lifting equipment,10 ton gantry craneis welcomed and applied by many users for their heavy objects lifting operations. Ramhoist, as a professional and experienced gantry crane supplier in China, has been in this industry for decades, and aims to provide professional and suitable crane products and service for customers from all over the world. We have several factories and can produce and customize gantry cranes in different types and with different lifting capacities in accordance with various requirements.