Heavy Duty Traveling Type and Fixed Type Single Girder 25 Ton Gantry Crane for Sale

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 Single girder gantry crane is L  type partial hanging gantry crane, with  small size and light duty, special for putting steel pipes, girders, or other  long materials into the special place, widely used in steel plant, concrete  girder yard.

Descriptions  of our cranes
 1.Main  beam
 Spare parts are very important for single beam gantry crane, to ensure  the quality, all the spare parts are tested scrutinized very intensely. You can  totally trust our product quality.
 The main beam is fabricated, plate box in construction or standard beam,  rolled steel sections bolted to end carriages. Box girders are fabricated by  Q235B/Q345B steel.

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2.Crane  crab
 The hoisting machine of single-beam portal crane adopts the tilting  trolley. The trolley runs above the main beam, and the supporting leg adopts  L-type. The force is balanced, the operation is stable, and the work is safe  and reliable. The running trolley adopts wind-up structure, which is composed of  motor, reducer, brake, reel, wire, pulley, hook, trolley frame, wheel, offset  mounting device and other mechanisms. The accessories are all famous brand  products with reliable quality and long service life.

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3.Crane  hook block
 The hook of single-beam portal crane is forged with high-strength DG20Mn  material. The hook pulley is made of rolled Q235. The bearing is a well-known  brand with long service life and strong bearing capacity. Hook overall  design level for heavy duty system.

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 The wheel is made of cast steel ZG50SiMn, the bearing is AAA brand  bearing, and the wheel shaft is 45 steel. Wheels wear well and have long service life.

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