Single Girder Gantry Crane Lifting and Lowering Mechanism, Single Girder Semi Gantry Crane

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 The gantry has a full range of mobility, easy to installation and disassembly, covering a small area, with grade adjustable height, reasonable steel structure design, withstand the weight from 1000~5000kg. It can be transferred to another site by a mini car to achieve a machine used in multiple sites. If the height of the plant is limited, the low headroom electric hoist is available for low altitude operation. Each trestle of the gantry can be dismantled, then packaged into a bundle, and facilitate long distance transport.   

Crane Description
 MDG model gantry crane adaptable to carrying strip objects;
 MH hoist gantry crane adaptable to indoor and outside;
 Convenient and flexible hoist semi-gantry crane series;
 Overhead double-girder A type gantry crane used in special occasion;
 Truss gantry crane that can reduce ruined resistance.

Advantages of our cranes
 1. Cut Down your cost in building of plant and workshop;
 2. Improve your production efficiency;
 3. Be suitable for different operating conditions and provide you One-stop Solutions;
 4. Reduce daily maintenance;
 5. Safety with high performance.

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 A.Single girder gantry crane travels on the ground, they don't require a runway structure.
 B.Simple structure, light weight, quick assembly with bolt-together components reduce the time and cost of installation.
 C.This single girder gantry crane can be easily installed and used on any flat hardening floor.
 D.Depending on the environment and application, single girder gantry crane can sometimes provide the same material handling capabilities as a comparable bridge crane system, but with a significant cost savings.
 E.It can be constructed with a cantilever to allow handling outside the rail centers.
 F.Low noise, soft starting and stopping, the crane is easily operated and works smoothly.

Production Line

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