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Mobile single girder gantry crane is widely used for lifting and loading, unloading works in outside warehouse or railway stations. Using in road construction area, material stocks area, cement plant, granite industry, construction industry, engineering industry, railway etc. This type crane is widely applied to the railway goods yard, big tonnage port, open storage, the container transfer station, and etc. to handle with the frequent loading and unloading works.

 Control methods
 Crane remote control
 advantage: Higher working efficiency; improve the operation environment; safety reliability.

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Crane handle
 advantage:  Convenient to talk with other workers; easy operation when observation; higher  attention when people hold the handle.

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Crane cabin
 advantage: Good view for driver, convenient and flexible; man-machine engineering principle; acoustic treatment; with adjustable seat.

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 Mobile single girder gantry crane consists of below main parts: the bridge structure, the trolley traveling mechanism, crane traveling mechanism and the electric equipment, This crane use one or two trolley as its lifting machine, comprising the crane and trolley traveling mechanism, lifting mechanism, cabin, computer room, electric room etc.

Crane safety feature

 1. Limit Switch

Safety limit switches for stoppers prevent over traveling in all motions. 

 2. Anti collision device 

    When two crane traveling on the same rail, the cranes will install the following devices:
    Anti-collision device, Infrared non-contact and inductive type limit device
    Sound and light alarm device, Wireless anti-collision device 

 3. Weight overload protection device 

    Includes automatic stopping type lifting weight limiter and weight display device. 

 4. Lifting limit switch and traveling limit switch 

 5. Emergency stop system 

 6. Electrical protection 

    The main insulation switch, emergency stop switch, short circuit, Zero voltage protection, loss of field protection, Current overload protection, over speed protection, zero position protection
    Phase sequence protection and adopted  crane specially anti-vibration contactor etc. 

 7. Interlock device 

    It sets interlock device for the cabin  door and the other door from cabin into bridge structure, when the door is opened, the crane cannot work.