16 Ton Single Girder Overhead Gantry Door Crane with Electric Hoist

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Box type gantry crane VS Truss type gantry crane
 There are two type structure for the main girder and support leg as optional: 
 1. Truss type advantage: 
 A. Small windward side and wind resistance
 B. Light dead weight, Low cost
 C. Nice appearance
 2. Box type advantage: 
 A. Compact structure, good rigidity, strong lifting capacity, indoor use available
 B. Characteristic of slim body, save shipping cost. 

 1. Is your Single girder gantry cranes customized?
 Thanks for your question. Yes, because the working conditions are different, all our Single girder gantry cranes are customized depending on detail requirement! So if you give us more information about the lift capacity, lift height, power source and other specials, we will give you a very quick quote!
 2. How many operating methods for my selection?
 Thanks for your question. The standard operating methods we provide is pendent controller with push buttons. Meanwhile, we can also provide the remote control with push buttons and the cabin (space capsule seat) control with joystick. You can choose any of them, just tell us!
 3. What's the max lifting capacity of the crane?
 Thanks for your question. The max. Lifting capacity of our standard crane are up to 600 ton (the electric hoists are up to 80 t). If this can't satisfy your working requirement. Please contact us for special customized.
 4. The space of my workshop is limited, is the crane ok for mine?
 Thanks for your question. For low headroom workshop, we have the Special products. For detailed dimension please consult our professional engineer.
 5. Can the crane work in hazardous environment?
 Thanks for your question. For hazardous environment, please consult our professional sales manager. 

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