Long Traveling Single Girder Beam Electric Gantry Crane 10ton with Hoist, Goliath Crane

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 The working performance and service life of each mechanism of crane depend on lubrication to a great extent. Lubrication, mechanical and electrical products maintenance, lubrication refer to their own manual, go cart, such as heavy truss truck should be injected once a week grease. Hoist filling industrial gear oil (sy1172-80) 200, should often check the oil level, timely supplement.
 2.Wire rope
 Pay attention to the wire rope broken situation. In case of broken wire, broken strand or abrasion reaching the scrapping standard, new rope should be replaced in time. Available steel wire rope includes phosphating coated steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope and smooth steel wire rope.
 Spreader must be inspected regularly.
 4.Pulley block
 Mainly check the wear condition of the rope groove, whether the wheel rim is cracked and whether the pulley is stuck on the shaft.
 Check the rim and tread regularly, and replace the rim with a new one when wear or crack reaches 10% thickness. If the diameter difference between the two driving wheels on the tread exceeds D/600, or if there is serious scar on the tread, it shall be cleaned again.
 Every shift should be checked once. Brake should be accurate, pin shaft must not have stuck phenomenon. Brake shoes shall be properly fitted to the brake wheel, and the brake shoe clearance shall be equal when the brake is released.

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