Double Girder Crane Hoist Trolley with 20t Capacity, Two-Track Electric Rail Trolley

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One of the most important part running on the Double beam crane is called double girder trolley, can deserve to domestic or imported motor; According to the different choices of different tonnage motor power is not the same.
Respective dollies in the system are independently driven, a structure is composed of track, side track for horizontal movement. Turnplate, and other sections, and form a 3D network for material conveyance.


1.The system of each car, independent drive;

2.A variety of control mode, can use centralized control and decentralized control or distributed control mode, the car according to the set procedures for automatic operation.

3.The thickening materials make our double girder trolleys have stronger bearing capacity and longer service life.

4.With the help of our company's advanced processing machine, we not only carry forward its simple structure, but also exceed the original technical requirements, so that the products are more useful to users.

5.Double girder trolley I - shaped steel structure is reasonable, excellent mechanical properties, so that the smooth and quiet transmission operation.

6.High production precision reduces the power loss and mechanical wear caused by non-design friction,and reduces the failure rate and energy consumption in long-term use.

7.To the surface of the surface of the assembly brought about by the paint damage, after the assembly of the whole spray paint, greatly reduce the damage of the surface paint.

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The detailed images of wheels.

42CrMo alloy forged with black heat treatment wheels highly improve the effectiveness.

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 Our double girder trolley installed on the double girder crane.

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The corner of our factory
The finished double girder trolleys putted in the warehouse

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