Indoor Outdoor Widely Sale Mini Home Floor Use Crane Hoist 500kg 1000kg with Manual Pump

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Manual floor crane also can be called engine crane.
 An engine crane is a common repair tool used in vehicle repair shops to remove or install gasoline or diesel engines in small and crowded vehicle engine compartments. It uses a heavy cantilevered support structure to hold the engine in mid-air so that the mechanic can carefully connect or disconnect fragile hoses and wires on the engine to the frame of the vehicle.
 Engine cranes are typically mounted on large casters so than an engine can be lifted straight up out of an engine compartment and then rolled away from the immobile vehicle frame.
 The engine crane is commonly used in combination with the engine stand so that the removed engine can be rotated in midair to provide access to underside surfaces of the engine.


  • Designed for shops with limited space.

  • Heavy steel construction for maximum durability.

  • Boom is reinforced to increase strength and eliminate flex

  • Heavy-duty steel casters for easy positioning.

  • Front casters include a safety brake to prevent movement.

  • Telescopic boom provides 4 positions.

  • Includes heavy steel hook with safety latch.

  • Wide base for maximum stability.

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