5 Ton Single Girder Bridge Under Slung or Underhung Crane End Truck with Wheel Blocks Group Assembly

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End truck is a part of girder crane, there are two types: single girder and double girder end carriage.
It only needs to weld the main beam and end beam after correction. Making crane manufacturing and installation very easily.

End truck includes wheel, motor, and main beam connecting plate, main beam connecting bolts, stamping plates, polyurethane buffers and so on.

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Wheel module design, easy maintenance and replacement, wheel and bearing shaft using high quality alloy steel forging, processing, heat treatment, equipped with high life, high reliability of the bearing.

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Die-cast aluminum alloy shell. Good heat dissipation.

Gear made of low carbon alloy steel carburized and quenched, low noise, high wear resistance, long service life.

Walking speed reducer. Three-in-one structure; Gear materials for chromium - molybdenum alloy, antiwear bearings; CNC automatic gear processing center production, hard tooth surface (HRC60) after grinding treatment; Semi-grease lubrication, maintenance-free reducer. The housing is made of high tension cast iron (FC25), and the gear is made of alloy steel, with high accuracy, abrasion resistance and impact resistance.

Soft starting device. The starting and braking are smooth and steady, and the weight will not shake.

Motor part. High performance, high torque, easy heat dissipation of motor body, small current, small volume, strong output power, suitable for high frequency use.

Electromagnetic brake. Direct flow brake, strong braking force, bolts directly adjust the braking force, long service life, high safety, do not fall off.

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3.Main beam

Boring and Milling Machine to ensure the accuracy of the size.

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