1t 2t 5t 10t Motorized Overhead Double Girder End Beam/End Carriage/End Truck for Birdge Crane

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As an indispensable part of the traditional lifting system, the end truck has continued the traditional craft of manual production, multi-cutting, multi-welding and multi-splicing for many years. We must affirm the traditional craft, the rough type production way output end beam once gave the industry to bring the development and the prosperity; On the other hand, with the development of the new era, these old production technology, backward production concept, crude production mode under the output of the end beam and supporting products, is gradually being eliminated. The emerging processing technology, production concept, technical requirements, highly customized solutions, rich selectivity, is being accepted by more and more industry professionals as well as picky customers outside the industry.


The different types of end trucks
Europe style end truck with sew geared motor for single beam electric overhead traveling crane.

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Europe style end truck with sew gear motor for double beam electric overhead traveling crane.

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The end beam frame is composed of an upper cover plate, a web plate, and a lower cover plate. The connection plate and the angle steel are fastened with bolts.

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Taiwan style end truck for suspension type Eot crane

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Quotation request

   1.Where is the End carriage used on? Single girder crane or double girder crane?
   2.The lift capacity of crane?
   3.The span of crane?
   4.The end carriage traveling speed of crane?
   5.The motor for end carriage traveling with inverter or not?

The manufacturing process of end trucks

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Our service
 1. Once providing us the requirement, the detailed technical data and CAD drawing will be provided you at the first time.
 2. Strict quality control system, work supervision to ensure the best crane for you.
 3. Strict production line, making sure manufacture the goods on time.
 4. Best cooperation forwarder provide the soonest and reliable service for our goods.
 5. If needed, senior engineers can be your side do the installation guide and training.

The introduction of our components

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The detailed images of our end trucks

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