High-Quality Lightweight Warehouse 3t Single Girder or Double Girder Crane End Carriage End Beam End Girder

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 The end beam of the European style is made of rectangular tube, and the  NC boring and milling is used to customize the machine tool.
 A series of production processes, such as drilling, boring, tapping and  milling, are completed at one time.
 High precision, light self weight, beautiful appearance, modular  production. Using F series.
 Reducer, hollow shaft transmission, with high level of work, speed  regulation
 Wide range, low noise, high transmission efficiency and multiple  characteristics.

 1. Can u send me your  price list?
    Sorry dear friend, as you know,  if u are end user, we can customize your end truck/end carriage according  your working environment. So pls tell me your information, so i can give your  quick offer.
 2. Can u draw for us?
    Yes, we have good experienced  technicians, we can design and draw for your own end truck/end carriage according  your requirements to solution your problems.
 3. Operating methods  for selection?
    A : Pendent controller  with push buttons 
    B : wireless controller
    We integrate all circuit in  the controller to control the gantry crane and overhead crane move front and  back, the hoist lift up and down, travel left and right.
 4 . Can u provide the  lifting tools series?
     Sure, we can provide any  other lifting machinery you need, such as pallet stacker, truck and so on.
 5. How to install the end  truck?
    We can send u the install operation  manual or video, it’s easy to install the crane, but if u need our engineer can  be your side.
 6. What is your lead  time?
 The lead time is 15  days for one set.







End trucks before painting

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End trucks4-4.jpg

 Unfinished  end trucks

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Another type of end trucks

End trucks4-6.jpg

 The suspension end  beam, the cushion motor drive, the main material use the hot rolled channel  steel, plus the bridge tooth bilateral wheel drive, the structure is simple and  portable, the space utilization is high, the running rate is high, the noise is  low, it is a good partner made by the hanging cranes.

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 End  truck installed on the crane

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