Bridge Single Girder 5 Ton Suspension Crane High Quality End Truck, Electric Overhead Crane End Carriage

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End trucks5-1.jpg

The show of details of end trucks
 You can know well the necessary and other components.

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Compared with the traditional crane, the main difference of the European crane is that it uses parts with better quality, and the European wheel set is the key part of this kind of parts.

The detailed images of our wheels (wheel kits)

End trucks5-3.jpg

End trucks5-4.jpg

The wheels of end trucks with components

End trucks5-5.jpg

End trucks5-6.jpg

The wheels put in our factory

End trucks5-7.jpg

The wheels installed on our end trucks

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End trucks5-9.jpg

 Different size of end trucks with wheels provided for you to choose

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End trucks5-11.jpg