1 Ton Overhead Crane End Carriages or End Trucks for Single Girder Bridge Cranes

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More details of our end trucks (end carriages)

End trucks6-1.jpg

End trucks6-2.jpg

 The images of our high quality motor which ensures the speed of end trucks (end carriages)  

End trucks6-3.jpg

The motor installed on our end trucks (end carriages) 
 The stable bolts make the motor installed steadily on the end trucks

End trucks6-4.jpg

End trucks6-5.jpg

End trucks6-6.jpg

Packaged end trucks in our factory, waiting to deliver to our customer

End trucks6-7.jpg

End trucks6-8.jpg

 Our end trucks put on the truck with the help of our workers

End trucks6-9.jpg

Our foreign customer is visiting our factory, and our engineer is introducing our advanced products to him.

End trucks6-10.jpg

 Overhead cranes
 Gantry and portal cranes
 Transfer cars

End trucks6-11.jpg