2 Ton Travelling Indoor Warehouse Used Double Girder Bridge Travelling Overhead Crane A5 Work Class

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 Characters of Double Girder Hoist: advanced performance structure, small volume, light weight, reliable performance, easy to handle, wide using scope, convenient to lift heavies, load and unload, maintain equipment, and lift cargos, and it also can be installed on a suspended I-beam, curve track, cantilever crane track and fixed point to lift heavies. It's the best helper for contemporary enterprises to manufacture products and carry materials

Features of our hoist
 1.Compact and high efficient motor, low power consumption.
 2.Most tensile safety hooks: Both the top and bottom hooks are made of high tensile alloy steel with special treatment; It guarantees the hook will not break and deform gradually under a sudden extra-load.
 3.Compact and beautiful chain container: High strength plastic container has outstanding durability.
 4.Drop forged steel suspension & load hooks are heat treated and fracture resistant. In case of dangerous overloading or abuse, the hook does not fracture but will slowly yield.
 5.Running in a high automatization and intellectualization, no pollution.
 6.High pressure double crank to control the die opening and closing. 

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 Details of our hoist
 1.Body structure
 Adopt mould stamping or bending steel plate to reduce the use of welding parts and increase the service  life and quality of the structure bearing parts.
 2.Hoisting gear motor three-in-one
 Three-in-one hoisting motor, electromagnetic brake, silence and safety.

3.Wheel block
 Module design, convenient maintenance and change, forged steel, long service life and high reliability.

4.Electric control gear
 Easy maintenance, multiple control protection, safe operation, includes warn adjusting limit switch and overload limiter.

5.Wire rope
 High breaking force and good flexibility.

6.Hook block
 Forge high-strength alloy steel hook, high-strength special slippery rope.

 The ranger of the remote especially cranes refers to 100m in radius, which provides strong anti signal disturbance capacity. Theoretically, 2,000 remotes can be operated within the same range at the same  time.

8.Inverter(VFD controller)
 The inverter is professionally designed by changing its motor to frequency-conversion motor to achieve safe and stable lifting of goods.

9.Worm adjusting limit switch
 Adopting customized imported four-level limiting stopper to achieve "function of slow speed first and then brake of two dimension running to ensure safety and reliable operation".

10.Overload limiter
 Customized overload limiter with high sensitivity can output load or have overloading limit upon customer's requirements.

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It is widely used in factories, mines, harbors, warehouses, cargo storage area and shops, Nuclear power station, hydropower station, etc. It can heighten the work efficiency greatly and improve working conditions.

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