Steel Bridge Crane Wheel Block Crane End Girder Crane End Carriage Rail Wheel Kit for Workshop Overhead Bridge Crane 10ton 15ton

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 European end truck wheel kits has light weight, small size, mainly composed of wheel shaft, wheel piece, bearing box, bearing four parts, and three in one reducer directly match, do not need to go through the coupling connection, so this kind of wheel structure compact, high assembly precision, smooth operation and low noise.

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Working principle
 European wheel set of the wheel assembly onto the scaffold wheel group, such as Angle bearing box wheel set and bogie hearth bearing box wheel group, 45° subdivision on the crane structure, wheel lateral deviation after appropriate fixed to install. The wheel materials are high-strength forgings, which are fitted with the interference of the wheel shaft and are connected by flat keys. The wheel  plates are modulated and the heat treatment hardness reaches hb220-hb305. The wheel shaft is made of 42CrMo material. After rough machining, it will be quenched and tempered. The hardness of heat treatment is HB260.


The detailed images of our end truck wheel kits

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 Our worker is producing end truck wheel kits

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Our worker is installing wheels on the end truck

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