Workshop 1ton to 16ton Fixed Pillar Mounted Cantilever Swing Arm 270 Degree Rotating Jib Crane with Electric Hoist

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Fixed column slewing jib crane is mainly composed of top column, low column, main girder, main girder pole, electric hoist, rotation mechanism and electrical system, etc. Normally control model of jib crane is with remote control or pendent line with press button or both.

Detailed introductions of jib crane
1.Electric Hoist.
Steel wire rope electric hoist with capacity 0.5~16t is a small light lifting equipment, This type of Electric hoist has a compact structure, light weight, small volume, convenient operation, reliable quality, widely used, etc.

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2.Slewing Steel
Steel structure, tough and strong, wear-resistant and practical. Low-profile jib arm permits an efficiently large lifting height.

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Pillar is made of steel pipe. The steel structure adopts welded structure or truss structure, and the main steel structure materials are all made of Q235B or Q345B structural steel.

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Trailing cable system running in C rail beside the jib.

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Better performance, stable frequency, durable for long time. Easy to operate.

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 6.Stand Column
 Light weight design; it can be installed in thin foundation and normally is round tube, we can use square tube if customer need.

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Parts of our jib crane

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Introduction of jib crane

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