0.5 1 2 3 Ton Wall Mounted Electric Swivel Jib Crane, 180 Degree Rotating Slewing Wall Travelling Type Cantilever Jib Crane

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 The cantilever is welded by the steel or box girder and the ventral arm, and its function is to support the electric or manual rotation to realize the lifting and lifting motion of the hoist.
 Speed Reducer
 The reducer is fixed in the lower part of the abdomen arm and supports the beam through the abdominal arm, so that the reducer drives the gear around the column to make a rotary motion, realizing the rotation of the crane cantilever.
 Electrical parts
 The electrical part is operated by low voltage 36V controlled voltage or wireless remote control. Controlled by the new button, the control of the hoist and the rotation of the spiral arm are respectively controlled. When it is necessary to turn at any time, the electric slip ring can be used for any rotation.


Detailed images of our cranes
 High-quality and durable column

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The main parts of jib cranes(Before installation)

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Reliable and finished arm of our cranes

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 The motor and bolts of cranes

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