Lifting Equipment Workshop 360 Degree Rotation 2ton Traveling Jib Wall Mounted Cantilever Crane with Hoist

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Different types of jib cranes

BXD wall jib crane

•BXD type wall jib crane is associated with RM type electric chain hoist or CD1 type electric hoist supporting the use of a hoisting device. BXD wall jib crane is widely used in the workshop, materials processes, production line lifting.
•Advantage: this china jib crane can be directly installed on the wall or column, or installed on the equipment, which does not require any floor space, the installation is simple, with the capacity from 0.25 to 5t.

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BZZ column cantilever crane

•BZZ column cantilever crane is the extension of the column jib crane, the equipment uses a rotary bearing and variable cross section beam structure, lifting up to 2.5-16 meters, the radius of gyration 7-12 meters.
•Advantages: this china cantilever crane can replace bridge crane and gantry crane in many occasions, which has alraedy won lots of praise due to its high efficiency and less investment.

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PJ Balance crane

• PJ Balance crane is suitable for the production of many varieties of small occasions feeder line plane contact line, Compared with the mechanical hand, it is simple and flexible, with strong versatility, reasonable structure, safe and easy operation, good performance and long life.

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The parts of jib crane

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Production and painting Process of jib crane

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Installation and Test

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