220V Home Construction Use 300kg 400kg 500kg 800kg Outdoor Mini Portable Roof Material Lifting Crane

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Features of Mini construction cranes

A. The main engine seat becomes bigger, so it stands much more stable.

B. The width of the rotation arm becomes much wider, so the bearing capacity is much heavier.

C. The front part of the rotation arm becomes much longer and higher to adapt more working places.

D. The rear part of the rotation arm becomes much longer, besides, with the handrail on, it is much more convenient to operate.

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Details descriptions of Mini construction cranes

1.Functional Rotation Arm
Apply with the national standard square tube 40*80*2.5cm material, much longer and wider. The spread rotation distance can reach 1.45m.

 Apply the national standard channel tube 80*90cm material, which is thick, firm and durable, long lifespan.

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3.Round Standing Column
Apply with the national standard square tube 110*3.5cm material, much more safe.

4.Electric Hoist Frame
Multi-functional electric motor with multiple motors.

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The details are embodied in the quality and the spirit of the craftsman.

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6.Operation Way
Equipped with rotation handle to make it much more convenient for handle.

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High-quality hook ensure the safety during the operation.


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8.Electric Engine
Lifting speed can be doubled or stay normal by detaching or adding pulley. Instead using motor to release while there is no material on the hook, this lifting mechanism is benefiting from high working efficiency by equip clutch with 3 operation options.

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