Attractive and Durable Outdoor Construction Mini Portable Crane, 500kg Arm Rotating Lifting Crane with Standard Height 30m

Keyword:Mini Construction Cranes   Time:2019-4-16 10:48:28

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 This 360 degree rotate lifter is a pro products upgraded from 400, the freely rotate shaft is connecting with bearing and placed at the head of column, so traditional shaft can be replaced in the same time wearing risks inside the pipe is reduced to the minimum. It is an advanced product that is portable, free rotation in full angle.


More details of our Mini construction crane
 Welding Treatment
 Firm and durable for welding, no trachoma welds.

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Thickened six-hole seat flange

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Dual bearing design makes the operation become more flexible

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Thickening tube body, high quality screws 

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The show of bracket base

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The show of column

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The show of double-column

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Cover Material applies with the electrostatic spray kind with long lifespan. Fine workmanship.

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