DHK model electric chain hoist used lifting equipment

Keyword:DHK electric chain hoist   Time:2019-7-1 23:11:37

DHK electric chain hoist not only reserve the legerity of chain hoists, but also  are improved from man-operated, integrating the superiority of electric and chain hoists, compact structure, light weight, high efficiency, convenient use, simple maintenance, high lifting speed, smooth running and beautiful appearance. DHK electric chain hoists are driven by the plate type braking motor and decelerated by the reducer. Besides, their unique overloading safety protection setting and electrical machine hot protection setting guarantee the higher reliability of this product. 

 DHK electric chain hoists have the characteristics of fast lifting speed, convenient operation, beautiful appearance and so on. Especially their unique overload protection settings and electrical reliability of products. Whether it is the standard, the ready-made ship unit or a modification to the customer's specific needs, our electric chain hoists are built on a reliable operation, even in the most difficult application and occasion. From small capacity to heavy duty, our DHK electric chain hoists are built to exceed any hoist in the market.

 The bodies of them are made of high-strength tensile shell or die-casting aluminum shell, and they are made of thin wall extrusion molding technology. They are small in volume, light in weight and high in strength. The standard DHK  electric chain hoists are equipped with an independent gearbox system, a two stage coaxial transmission gear mechanism in a sealed gearbox, and a long life oil bath lubrication system. DHK electric chain hoists' powder metallurgy clutches are used as an overload protection device, which adopt disc type direct current electromagnetic field braking. Wha's more, the braking torques are large, stable, fast, and the noise is small.

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