Endless Chain Electric Hoist DHK Type

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 The most important parts of the DHK electric chain hoists are brake system and chain. Besides, they are driven by the disk type braking motor and decelerated by the reducer. Advanced-design mechanical brake fully makes sure the brake below the possible overload. What's more, it is in conjunction with motor brake, which is made up of double brake system, This system has the function of ensure safety and durability in hoist operations. Super strong surface hardened chain plays an essential part in the working of hoists. It is necessary to use the reliable chain to lift the loads. Therefore, our products are all equipped with high-quality and perfect-performance chain, which are through the strict test by professional engineers. 

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 DHK electric chain hoists have unique optimization structure to shorten the distance between the fuselage and the beam, which are suitable for the operation of low level buildings, especially for temporary installation or effective expansion. Besides, they could be used together with trolleys and other DHP hoists, so that the lifting net could be founded better because of its slow lifting speed, improving working conditions and labor efficiency. 
 DHK electric chain hoists can be widely used in lifting light and small goods in factories, mines, piers, supermarkets, wharfs, stores and warehouses for lifting. They can also be used in low level space materials circulation system in connection with aerial traveling crane equipment.