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DHS Electric chain hoists

 Electric chain hoist is a type of light lifting equipment for material handling. Hoist and Crane, as one well-known hoist and crane manufacturer, offers you various  types of electric chain hoists to solve you material handling solutions.
 As a professional electric chain hoists manufacturer and supplier, Hoist and crane offers high quality of chain electric hoists with the following series:

  • DHS series chain electric hoists,

  • TCH series chain electric hoists

  • DHP series chain hoists

  • Customized electric chain hoists, etc.

Features of DHS electric chain hoist
 Compacted structure, small volume, and light dead weight. On hoist operation, the chain electric hoist has the features of high reliability, easy operation, and wide application.

Applications of DHS Electric chain hoist
 Each type of our chain electric hoist is widely used in various applications, such as factories, storage, wind-power station, logistics, ports and constructions field, etc.

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 Parameters of DHS Series electric chain hoists
 Model:  DHS     Lifting speed 5m/min   Lift height m    Power       Voltage
 1  ton electric chain hoist    2.2      3-12    500      380      3m.36Kg
 2  ton electric chain hoist    1.85    3-12    750      380      45Kg
 3  ton electric chain hoist    1.15    3-12    750      380      42Kg
 5  ton electric chain hoist    0.95    3-12    750      380      57Kg
 10  ton electric chain hoist  0.45    3-12    750      380      115Kg

Besides the standard electric chain hoists above, custom hoist and crane for different applications are available from the Chinese manufacturer and supplier,
 More information on the DHS electric chain hoist, please contact us.