Different Capacities of Explosion-proof type Electric Chain Hoists made in china

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Explosion-proof electric chain hoist is a small-sized lifting equipment which are designed to operate in the hazardous locations. It is the explosion-proof lifting equipment designed and manufactured by the latest explosion proof standards in China.

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It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, large lifting capacity. In the premise of safety guarantee, it can improve the working candition, labor productivity, and is indispensable mechanical equipment for prodution.

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Explosion proof electric hoist is made of various of independent stripped components. They are easy to use, maintain, inspection, and they can shorten inspection period. Its explosion-proof form is "flameproof" explosion-proof electric hoist.

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RAMHOIST explosion proof hoist products are specifically designed to meet electrical standards required in hazardous or classified manufacturing and processing areas. Unlike our competitors, our explosion proof chain hoists come with the spark resistant features because that is the safest way to lift your load in a hazardous environment.

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Our explosion-proof model chain hoists are engineered and built for use in Division 2, Class I, Groups B, C & D hazardous environments. These units feature special enclosures, metal clad electrical cables and fittings, and intrinsically safe limit switches and control stations.

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Explosion-Proof Type Electric Chain Hoist are well accepted in various industrial fields. In explosive atmospheres of various ignitable gases and vapors, special attention must be required.

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The EX Class I, Division 2 Hoist is an industry-leading, explosion-proof hoist for maximum safety in potentially combustible environments.

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The explosion-proof ring chain electric hoist adopts the three parts of transmission, hanger and motor, which is an advanced structure with axial assembly. The structure is not only easy to maintain, but also has good sealing effect.

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Explosion-proof electric chain hoist is approved to sell on the market after long time study and repeat tests by our technical teams. Comparing the Explosion-proof electric wire rope hoist, the high performance can meet different demands.

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The gear of explosion proof electric hoist is equipped with integrated lifetime lubrication. The explosion-proof hoist is also enclosed with integrated conical disc brake. Explosion proof and spark resistance in hoist and crane application.