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Customer: Kindly help qoute to DHS electric chain block 5 tons and 10 Tons
        Please qoute the price CIF Bankok port
        I would like chain for lifting 5 -6 meter but I lifting not over 3 meter, I working for installation steel Silos, do you know steel Silos?  Can it working for lift steel Silos ?
        And Qty. 60 units for first phase
        Please send your information about this electric chain include safety and maintenance. Can it protect water leak ? How long lifetime ?

RAMHOIST: It can lift steel Silos, if the water leak happens in the steel silos, it does not matter since the hoist is on the top of steel silos; if the water leak happens at the top of the hoist, then the hoist body can not be exposed in the rain, we need to use a rain-proof cover then it is no problem, for hook and chain when it is exposed to rain it has no big problem, we can use oil to maintence routinely.
              Pls confirm the 60 units is worked in the same group, mean group lifting----all the hoists are lifted up and down at the same time with the same speed, all of them are control by one electric cabient, or they are divided into several group lifting, it is up to your size of steel silos. or even every hoist is controlled by pendant, all this lead price difference.
              Pls use it within the capacity and do regular maintence, it will prolong the lifttime to max.
             They are fully guaranteed for one year. In this year, if a product breaks due to a mechanical problem, all spare parts needed for repair will be provided for free. Services will be provided for each product throughout its lifetime.

Customer:  Yes, we will Group lift by 30 units per group lift. My team make control panel for group lift. Kindly send information of technical for design electric control.

RAMHOIST:  DHS electric chain block can not for Group lift since the speed is too quick, when we lift heavy cargo, the error will be big when the speed is high, we need use DHP electric chain block, it is the slow speed, in the condition of 50HZ, it is 0.18m/min for 5T and 0.09m/min for 10T,  each hoist will synchronize well with low speed.

DHP Electric Chain Hoists33.jpg

DHP electric chain block (DHP Electric Chain Hoist)

CustomerHow much difference price between DHP with DHS?
                   Kindly focus at DHP 5 T chain 5 meter.
                   DHP 5 T ,how much power per unit?
                   Kindly make quotation to my company
                   Would like DHP 5 T Qty.60 Units
                   How many lead time after order?

RAMHOIST: DHP is slightly higher than DHS,  it is 0.5KW for DHP 5T,  lead time is 10 days, will send the quotation to your email.

Customer's Job as below:

Customer's Job require for group lift.jpg

Similar application for Group lift by DHP electric chain hoist (by RAMHOIST)

Similar application for Group lift by DHP electric chain hoist1.jpg

Similar application for Group lift by DHP electric chain hoist2.jpg

CustomerI have to apologize you again Kindly Offer new quotation Include Control Cabinet For Control / 30 Units Two Complete sets for 60 Units, Can they working continues about Hours? the Control Cabinet / 30 units If i use them 20 units, is it OK?  Note: My Jobs Used for Installation Steel  Silos, I hope you will understand
                 Maintenance methods: Item 8  "When the electric chain hoist is not working, it is not allowed to hang heavy objects in the air to prevent permanent deformation of parts."  What Mean Because my job when lift about 1.20 m. Stop for install Sidewall Completed (Timing about 1-1.5 Hr. Per one Circle ) after Down For change Bracket again for lift again it will continue to be like this until Finish. DHP they can working my jobs yes or not? Kindly Advise to me for work safety 
                 Kindly you help me Offer option "  DHP electric chain hoist 7.5 ton DHP type group hoisting electric chain hoist with Control Cabinet " same condition DHP 5Ton

RAMHOIST: 260 USD for Control Cabinet For Control / 30 Units (the price of Control Cabinet for 7.5T is same as 5T), for hoist, they can not work continues for long time, work-rest-work, otherwise the motor will burn out, for cabinet, it does not matter, for group hoist, they work for a period then need to adjust, in other words, they lift to one position, then stop to finish the job, then continue to work up or down, so there is no what you said "work continues", The Control Cabinet can use them 20 units, just off the other 10 units.
                     Forget Item 8, fix well the hoists, they can work your job, this DHP electric hoists suit your job and safety.
                     Offer will send to your email.

CustomerThank you so much for reply me and new quotation . Do you have Picture of Cabinet control show for me ?
                   I forgot ask you DHP 7.5 T Motor power same DHP 5T or not?

RAMHOIST: yes, it is same as 5T, pls check photos as follows:

Cabinet control for DHP electric hoist1.jpg

Cabinet control for DHP electric hoist5.jpg

Cabinet control for DHP electric hoist3.jpg

Cabinet control for DHP electric hoist4.jpg

Cabinet control for DHP electric hoist6.jpg

Cabinet control for DHP electric hoist7.jpg

Cabinet control for DHP electric hoist8.jpg

Cabinet control for DHP electric hoist11.jpg

Cabinet control for DHP electric hoist9.jpg

Cabinet control for DHP electric hoist10.jpgCabinet control for DHP electric hoist12.jpg

CustomerYour The control cabinet to offer me 30 units per cabinet can control by push botton up or down lift all together yes or not?

RAMHOIST: Outside the cabinet, there are several push buttons,  you can control up all together with one button, can also control down all together with one button

CustomerKindly advise to me about Spare parts Should to repair of This hoist.

RAMHOIST: Use properly, no need to repair. 

                     if not, this is probability that the motor will be burned out, the wheel will be broken if the chain knotted



RAMHOIST:  Dimension of 5ton and 7.5ton DHP Electric Chain Hoist

Dimension of 5T DHP Electric Chain Hoist.jpg

RAMHOIST: the power supply we confirm before is 380V/50HZ/3 phase

single switch (inside of the control cabinet) for controlling single unit hoist, it must be 380V50hz3P.jpg

you see this single switch (inside of the control cabinet) for controlling single unit hoist, it must be 380V/50hz/3P

single switch (inside of the control cabinet) for controlling single unit hoist, it must be 380V50hz3P.jpg

you see this push button (on the surface of the control cabinet), default one is also 380V/50hz/3P, but can be made to 36V, would you pls check whether default 380V/50hz/3P is OK for you?

Customer: Outside Push button i would like 36V for safety. Main power 380v/50hz/3P

RAMHOIST: since the offer is default 380V, outside Push button 36V need an extra cost of 50 USD for every control cabinet, pls also confirm

Customer: yes

RAMHOIST: besides, for chain 5m, normally the lifting height is 4.7m, i think you know this.

4.7m lift for 5m chain1.jpg

4.7m lift for 5m chain2.jpg

Customer:  yes, Chain lift 4.7 m. I ‘m OK.