China 0.5ton 1 Ton 2 Ton 2.5 Ton 10 FT 20 FT Monorail Electric Chain Hoist

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   Advanced equipment and technology are the foundation and guarantee for creating quality Hoist. All RAMHOIST products are from international standard production assembly lines, processing centers, and testing devices from abroad, we devote to supplying best and  newest hoists to customers from technical enhancement and improvement of  industrial structure through new technology, to occupy market with superior  products and furthermore to establish brand status with market superiority.
   The Electric Chain Hoist features a simple, efficient and economical design. Its compact design, low headroom and lightweight  steel construction make this hoist easy to install and operate, even in confined spaces.
Pure copper motor
 high working efficiency 

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 Limit switch
 Control the limit range to prevent the chain from falling off 

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 Use safety 

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 Aluminum shell
 Special treatment, good heat dissipation 

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 360 rotation, not easy to break 

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 Handle switch
 Simple operation 

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 Chain hoist operation mode:
 1.Manual operation mode
 The Electric chain hoist is driven by the plain trolley or geared trolley, without any motors. That means the chain hoist travelling on the railway is mainly realized through the manual operation.
 2.Electric operation mode
 The electric chain hoist is also driven by the electric trolley, but which owns motor mechanism. That means the chain hoist travelling on the railway is mainly realized through the electric operation.
 3.The railway of the chain hoist
 The railway of the chain hoist includes KBK system, I-steel and box section girder. Then KBK system could be further divided into KBK II, KBK II-T system does not used as railway normally, but the main beam of single girder crane instead.

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 Chain electric hoist  sketch:
 Electric chain hoist consists of the motor, transmission and  chain components. All Chain electric hoists are in accordance with  international standards of production, body appearance, durable, all the  internal gears through high temperature quenching, increases the wear  resistance and toughness of gears, using the most advanced technology, fine  workmanship, fit tightly between the gear.

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 1.Classification  1Am/M3
 2.The standard version comes with direct control.
 3.1 years warranty(excluding wear parts) as well as a lifetime lubricated gear  box.
 The heavy duty squirrel cage motor has an adjustable spring pressure brake that  holds the load secure even in the event of a power failure.
 4. Motor protected  to IP 54, insulation class F.
 5.The 5-pocket load chain sheave, manufactured from wear resistant case  hardening steel, is matched perfectly to the load chain to guarantee smooth and  precise chain motion.
 6.The assembly of  component parts result in a low overall height(up to 3000 kg only one chain  fall.)
 The standard, oil bath lubricated planetary gearbox is particularly smooth  running.
 7. Forged suspension  and load hooks, manufactured from non-aging, high alloy tempering steel, yield  under overload instead of breaking.
 8. The standard  case hardened and FEC chain is matched perfectly to the load chain to guarantee  smooth and precise chain motion.

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 Main Features of electric chain hoist:
 1.Height performance
 2.Design built-in
 3.Plug and play
 4.Long service life
 5.Economical and ergonomic, Comfortable operation
 6.Easy maintenance 

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 1.Is your product customized?
 Thanks for your question. Yes, because the working condition are different, all our products are customized depending on detail requirement! So if you give us more information about the lift capacity, span, lift height, power source and other specials, we will give you a very quick quote!
 2. What's the information should I provide when inquiry?
 Thanks for your question. The more information you provide, the accurate solution we can prepare for you! The information such as the lift capacity, span, ift height, power source or other specials you give us will be more appreciated.
 3. How many operation methods for my selection?
 Thanks for your question. The standard operating methods we  provide is pendent controller with push buttons. Meanwhile, we can also provide the remote control with push buttons and the cabin (space capsule seat) control  with joystick. You can choose any of them, just tell us!
 4. The space of my workshop is limited, can the crane ok for mine?
 Thanks for your question. For low headroom workshop, we have the special products. The detailed dimension please consult with our professional engineer.
 5. What's the information should I provide when inquiry?
   a. What's the lifting material?
   b. How much is the maximus lifting weight of the hoist?
   c. Have you installed the rails? Do you need us supply the  rails? How long is it?
   d. What’s the working environment? 

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