China 2 Ton Electric Chain Hoist with Hook Suspension Plain Trolley Hand Push Trolley

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2T and 3T Electric hoist | construction hoist
High strength alloys on parts are being processed by various special heat  treatments, which make them have high strength and good wear resistance. The  upper and lower hooks of our hoist are also made of high strength alloys, which can reduce heat treatment and even damage of the hoist. Due to excessive expansion, the hook will only undergo plastic deformation and will not break.

Main Features
 1.Fluent starting and stopping.
 2.Low noise and long lifespan.
 3.Good performance and easy maintenance.
 4.All kinds of protective device.
 5.Most convenient lifting device.
 6.Crane traveling limit switch.
 7.Weight overload protection device.
 8.Lifting height limit device

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1. Motor
 It is featured with 30 min working rating and class F insulation.
 2. Forging steel structure
 It is up to the Japanese Industrial Standard BB 8515-1997 IV and V class.
 3. Double brake system-electromagnetic brake and mechanical brake
 Electromagnetic brake system which is a new braking system, use the non-asbestos brake linings to extend maintenance interval greatly. It is tested more than 22,500 times without adjustments.
 4. Chain wheel
 It is made up of alloy steel and dealt with heat treatment. It has passed 29,200 times wear test.
5. Chain
 The surface of chain is dealt with case carburization. It contains Si Ni Mo. The inside material is softened.
6. Screw gear
 It is made up of alloy steel and dealt with heat treatment.
 7. Overload limit protector
 It can protect itself from overload and low-load.
8. Anti-phase protection relay
 When power wire is misconnected, the anti-phase protection relay can protect machine from damage.
9. 24-36V low voltage control
 The low voltage control can protect operators from electrical shocks.

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 Six core
 Core  1Electric machinery
 Super strong pure copper motor, strong power, higher work efficiency, motor unique radiator, higher heat dissipation rate

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Core  2 Shell
 Aluminum die-casting shell, beautiful appearance of paint  baking process, strong and durable rust. Good anti-collision ability
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Core  3Limit lever
 Limit Switching Device, Limit stops automatically to prevent the chain from going beyond the scope
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 Core  4: Chain bag
 Effective protection chain away from stains, prevent raw embroidery and save space
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 Core 5 chain
 80 grade manganese steel, blackening heat treatment, not easy to fracture
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 Core  6: Hook
 High strength manganese steel hook, surface sprayed with  plastic paint, beautiful and not late fracture, 360 degree rotation
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Core 7: Control pendent
 Hand control and wireless remote control for your choose, default one is hand control
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  1.  Q: How to prevent chain hoist from being corroded?
        A:First of all, the external reasons, but these reasons are not avoidable, that is, inevitable wind and rain for the outdoor work; casually discarded after use; do not carry out maintenance, soon came to the problem, that is, was corroded, so what work can we do to prevent corrosion? The most effective method is the coating, so as to avoid the chain hoist corrosion, this is the  external treatment of hoist, as well as its internal structure can be painted with oil, which can also play a role in preventing the risk of corrosion.

  2.  Q: What material is the chain made of?
       A:Adopt imported or Chinese super heat treatment alloy steel chain.

  3. Q: What about your package?
       A: We use wooden box as normal, but if you have special requirement we  can change and add special shipping mark.

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