China 1t Hanging Electric Chain Hoist for Single Girder Overhead Crane with Trolley

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Advantages of RM electric chain hoist
 1.We are professional in china.
 2.Capacity from 250kgs to 25T
 3.All the Electric Chain Hoist have passed CE certification
 4.Aluminum alloy shell, light but hard.
 5.G80 alloy steel chain, can be used in poor environment.
 6.Hook:hot forged with perfect strength, hard to break.
 7.Push button,remote control:imported from Taiwan.
 8.Can be equipped with rain cover, travel limiter.
 9.Single speed or dual speed as your requirement.
 10.Three phase electric chain hoist:voltage from 220v -690v, 50/60 hz,3P, Dual voltage can be done such as:220V/440V, 220V/380V etc.
 11.Single phase electric chain hoist:voltage from 110V to 240V. 50/60HZ
 12.Color can be made as your required:blue, yellow, orange, red, etc.

 Below is 10 tons fixed ring chain electric hoist. The whole set of electric hoist includes 3 meters lifting chain, one upper and lower left and right direction handle switch, one handle connecting cable line 3 meters, one chain bag, one certificate, warranty card and instruction.
RM Electric Chain Hoists4-1.jpg

This electric hoist has single speed, double speed and stepless speed change. It can run at 11 m/min or 21 m/min. Default quotation is for single speed. If you need double speed or continuously variable transmission, please contact customer service.

Some Detailed photos:
 Shell: The shell is light and strong, with high heat dissipation rate. The fully sealed design is suitable for use in poor working conditions.
 RM Electric Chain Hoists4-2.jpg
 Chain: 80 grade super heat treatment alloy steel chains are adopted to make the chains more tough, more durable and wear-resistant, and ensure safety in work.
RM Electric Chain Hoists4-3.jpg
 Switch: There are switching devices on and off the heavy lifting crane to stop the motor automatically, so as to prevent the chain from exceeding and ensure safety.
RM Electric Chain Hoists4-4.jpg
 1. Brake: customizable double brake system is safe and reliable
 2. Reverse protector: the special electrical devices, when connected to power supply. When the line is wrong, the control circuit cannot work.
 3. Contactor: high-efficiency contactor, high-frequency use
 4  Transformer: 24V/36V transformer, in case of leakage during operation. It can prevent accidents.
 RM Electric Chain Hoists4-5.jpg
 Hook: Manganese steel, hot forged, not easy to break, lower hook can be 360 degrees rotate to ensure safe operation.
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Our Certifications-What quality we can offer?
 In order to meet continuous changing economy and social needs, we have first-class technique, complete managing mechanism, wide marketing channels, and excellent sale services system. Our activities are governed by our quality system in compliance with the standard ISO 9001, CE.

RM electric chain hoist’s motor exploding diagram
   RM Electric Chain Hoists4-7.jpg

Our Services
 1.  On line in 24 hours
 2.  ISO, CE Certificate
 3.  OEM Product and Packing
 4.  Prompt Delivery
 5.  The necessary documents of clearing
 6.  Supply the reparing parts
 7.  The technical suggestion of install and application

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