China 2t Electric Motorized Chain Hoist with Remote Control

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7.5ton Electric chain hoist is a new kind of product we developed recently. It has such characteristics as fast lifting speed, convenient operation and beautiful appearance. Especially, its unique overloading safety protection setting and electrical machine hot protection setting make sure of the higher reliability of this product. It is widely used in lifting light and small goods.It can also be used in low level space materials circulation system by mating with aerial travelling crane equipment. This product attests to be effective equipment which can improve working condition and enhance labor efficiency.
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Product Details
 It is not easy to break through hot forging. The lower hook can rotate 360, attach the safety tongue piece, and ensure the operation safety.
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 02 Aluminum aloy shell, solid and light, with special heat sink, fast heat dissipation, can be used continuously, efficiency up to 40%.Integral sealing structure, can be used in chemical plants, electroplating factories and other places.
 03 A chain protection bag is provided to prevent the chain from sticking of sticking dirt.
 04 High strength national standard g80 chain, after quenching heat treatment, low wear, corrosion prevention.
 05 Use waterproof button switch, light and durable
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 06 The latest design of the magnetic generator, its characteristics for the production of magnetic. Can brake at the same time after power cut, ensure the safety of the brake when lifting weight.
 07 Double brake system is safe and reliable.
 Special wire device, when the power line error, the electric chain hoist can‘t operate.
 High efficiency electromagnetic contactor, when in high frequency use, no problem at all.
 24v / 36v pressure transformer. During operation, in case of leakage, accidents can be prevented and even safe use can be ensured when it is used in rain.

 High Speed Chain Electric Hoist structure features:
 High strength stretch shell or die-cast aluminum shell body, use thin walled extrusion forming process precision manufacturing, volume small, weight light and strength high
 Standard of ring chain electric hoist has independent of gearbox system, sealed gearboxwithin of II level with axis drive gear institutions, use long life of oil bath lubrication system
 Overload protection device, disc type DC electric magnetic field brake, big power.
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The aim of RAMHOIST:
 Advanced equipment and technology are the foundation and guarantee for creating quality products. RAMHOIST persists in centering on technical enhancement and devoting to improvement of industrial structure through new technology, to occupy market with superior products and furthermore to establish brand status with market superiority.

 1.Factory, workshop, warehouse, store;
 2.Logistic, dock, port, freight yard;
 3.Construction building, mine, etc.
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Advantage & Feature
 1.Compact structure, light weight, safe and reliable ;
 2.Components and parts apply used universally, strong compatibility;
 3.High lifting capacity, easy to maintenance;
 4.Easy operation, accurate lifting steady operation.

 1. (one)year guarantee for main body.
 2. we provide free maintenances for spare parts, but the new components replaced should be paid.
 3. we arrange engineer to supervise installation, make the load test, do commissioning, train of the buyer's workers.
 4. Delivery with English version user manual, parts manual, test certificates, class certificate and all other related documents.
 5. Technique support: for any time, any way.

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