China Good Price 1t 2t Electric Beam Trolley Monuted Chain Hoist for Sale

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 The Electric Chain Hoist features a simple, efficient and  economical design. Its compact design, low headroom and lightweight steel  construction make this hoist easy to install and operate, even in confined spaces.
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Product Description

  • With suspension hook. push, geared or electric trolley.

  • Standard lift height 3 m, control cable 2.5m

  • Operating voltage 220-440V, 50/60Hz, 1-3 phase

  • Low voltage control 36V is standard.

  • High efficient energy-saving motor, asbestos free brake system.

  • High tensile aluminum alloy cover is light in construction, offers strong corrosion resistance.

  • Top and bottom hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard.

  • Drop forged steel suspension & load hooks are heat treated and fracture resistant. In case of dangerous overloading or abuse, the hook does not fracture but will slowly yield.

  • Solid chain bucket.

  • Super strong surface hardened chain

  • Limit switch devices fitted at both top & bottom ends, switch off power automatically to prevent load chain from running out.

  • The unique overload protection, which protects the unit from overloading.

  • High quality electric components with safety protection.

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Product Details
  1.Chain: adopts high strength chain and high precision welding technology, meet ISO3077-1984 international standard; fits for gusty overload work conditions; takes your hands a better feeling; multi-angle operation.
  2.Hook: made of high-class alloy steel, it has high strength and high security; by using new design, weight will never escape.
  3.Limit Switch: using limit switch component in designation to protect chain and ensure security.
  4.Components: main components are all made of high-class alloy steel, with high precision and security.
  5.Framework: slight design and more  beautiful; with less weight and smaller work area.
  6.Plastic Plating: by adopting advanced plastic plating technology inside and outside, it looks like a new one after years of operation.
 7.Encloser: made of high-classed steel, more firmly and dexterous.
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1.Is your product customized?
 Thanks for your question. Yes, because the working condition is different, all our products are customized depending on detail requirement! So if you give us more information about the lift capacity, span, lift height, power source and other specials, we will give you a very quick quote!

2. What's the information should i provide when inquiry?
 Thanks for your question. The more information you provide, the  accurate solution we can prepare for you! The information such as the lift capacity, span, lift height, power source or other specials you give us will be more appreciated.

3. How many operation methods for my selection?
 Thanks for your question. The standard operating methods we  provide is pendent controller with push buttons. Meanwhile, we can also provide  the remote control with push buttons and the cabin(space capsule seat) control with joystick. You can choose any of them, just tell us!

4. The space of my workshop is limited, is the hoist ok for me?
 Thanks for your question. For low headroom workshop, we have the special products. For detailed dimension please consult our professional engineer.

5. What's the information should i provide when inquiry?
   a. What's the lifting material?
   b. How much is the maximus lifting weight of the hoist?
   c. Have you installed the rails? Do you need us supply the  rails? How long is it?
   d. Where is the working environment?

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   Packing Details
 The packing details are usually packed in Plywood cases (size:  length * width * height). If the container is too dangerous, we will use  polyethylene film packaging or according to the special requirements of customers.
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