1ton ~ 10 Ton Electric Chain Hoist with Manual Push Trolley china made

Keyword:Electric Chain Hoist   Time:2019-2-21 9:34:33

 RM Electric chain hoist is a new style small lifting equipment. It is a perfect equipment for lifting and transporting goods, which have features as reasonable design, advanced structure, remarkable frame, small volume, perfect appearance, big tenacity, easy maintenance and durable etc. they are widely used in factories, warehouse, workshop, harbour,docks, especially in raising working efficiency and improving working condition.


Forged hook, with anti-unhook device, high safety factor.

RM Electric Chain Hoists17-1.jpg

Alloy steel shell, durable use.

RM Electric Chain Hoists17-2.jpg

High strength G80 lifting chain, good abrasion resistance.

RM Electric Chain Hoists17-3.jpg

The chain can be packed in a chain bag.

RM Electric Chain Hoists17-4.jpg

Wired handle controller, IP65 waterproof push button with emergency stop

RM Electric Chain Hoists17-5.jpg 

Wireless remote controller, more convenient and fast to use

 RM Electric Chain Hoists17-6.jpg

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