Electric 1t 3t 5t 10t Single Girder Crane Chain Hoist china made

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0.5-35T Electric Powered Chain Hoist Chain Block with cheap price

  • High safety and reliability: The electric powered chain hoist is equipped with a limited-load protection device to avoid the adverse consequences caused by overload. The lifting hook is equipped with a locking device to prevent accidental slipping of the lock. The motor is provided with a thermal protection device, which will automatically cut off the motor when the temperature rises too high due to frequent use to protect the motor from being burned out. The electric powered chain hoist is equipped with emergency stop button, which enables the operator to turn off the power immediately when in crisis.

  • Novel structure: The electric powered chain hoist is made of high strength aluminum alloy, with beautiful appearance, compact position, small size and light weight. Adopt two - stage gear transmission, high - speed helical gear transmission, so transmission is stable and noise is small.

  • High component strength: The main parts of the electric powered chain hoist are made of high alloy steel and processed by many special heat treatment processes. The upper and lower hooks are made of high strength alloy steel and have high toughness after intensive heat treatment. Even if the body is damaged due to overload, the hooks will only produce plastic deformation and not brittle fracture.

  • The electric powered chain hoist is equipped with a chain bag, which can be automatically stored in the chain bag during operation to prevent the chain from getting stuck and stained when falling freely.

Simply by pressing the push button switch, it is a machine to raise and lower heavy items with chain. There are stationary type and transverse type, and the latter has a monorail hoist traversing as a rail with the lower flange of the I beam and a double rail hoist traversing two rails like the crab trolley of the overhead crane.

Motor: Using higher starting torque tapered rotor braking asynchronous motor
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 Shell: made of light aluminum shell which is light yet hard.
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 Chain: can be safety used in poor environment such as rain, sea water and chemicals.

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 Control pendant: Convenient operation and load guidance with one hand for all handling attachments or specially developed load handling simple replacement thanks to quick-change coupling, suitable for right-hand and left-hand operation.
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 Pendant cable: including wire rope to avoid the cable ripped out and broken off.
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 Electric: we can use Siemens, Schneider or Shihlin
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 Chain bag
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 Remote control is as an option but not default.
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