High Quality 1 Ton Powered Monorail Electric Chain Hoist with Electric Motorized Trolley

Keyword:Monorail Electric Chain Hoist   Time:2019-2-21 12:02:33

Feature of Electric chain hoist made in china:

    • Proper Size-Capacity: 2 ton/4400lb, lifting height: 3m/10ft, Lifting speed: 3.4m/min, Power: 1.5kw, Voltage: 3Phase 220V/50Hz

    • Durable Material-This electric chain hoist has aluminium alloy housing and hooks with high toughness and durability. Adopted full copper motor and high strength G80 chains with well-welding joints

    • Scientific Construction-This electric hoist is equipped with pressure transformer in case of accidents, high efficiency electromagnetic contactor suitable for high frequency use, double braking system is more reliable and safe

    • International Certificate-This chain hoist has passed the international CE certification

    • Widely Application-This electric chain hoist is suitable for factories, warehouses, construction, building, goods lifting, railway construction, industrial and mining enterprises and others.

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