7.5 Ton Three Phase Single or Dual Speed Ultra Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist

Keyword:Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist   Time:2019-2-21 17:03:10

 Electric chain hoist is a light and small lifting equipment which consisted of motor, transmission mechanism and chain wheel. It is with beautiful outlook and solid durability. Inside gears are hot quenched that increase the wear resistance of the gear and toughness. Adopting international advanced technology, fine workmanship, gear wheel tightly fit.
 Electric chain hoist is used for loading or lifting (or  lifting heavy objects for working or repairing). It is widely used in factory, storage, wind-power station, logistics, port and construction field.
 It can be controlled by handle on ground or wire(no-wire) remote control.
 It can be suspended and fixed for using, or matched with monorail electric trolley. 

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