1t, 3t, 10t Single & Dual Speed Lifting Hanging and Trolley Electric Powered Chain Hoist

Keyword:Electric Powered Chain Hoist   Time:2019-2-21 19:03:46

1. RM type chain electric hoist with lightweight and compact structure, the design and manufacture strictly according to the FEM European Material Handing Association and DIN Germany Industry Standards. With the easy installation, flexible operation, reliable performance and other excellent characteristic. From 0.5ton to 35ton, Chain length can be customized. This Motor Lifting Block is the best assistant on production manufacture and handing material in modern enterprise.

2. The application range and working condition of this product: working temperature  -20°c-+40°c, the working environment without fire, explosion, dust, dangerous and corrosive medium, it’s forbidden to hook the melting metal, toxic, flammable and explosive materials. The working grade of this product is M4 to M6,the detail product working grade please refer to purchases product plate.   

3. The electric chain hoist is used for construction, building, factory, industry, shipping company. It is durable and convenient for heavy lifting.

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